Our one of kind brewery tap room can be found between our Hotel and Marilyn’s 60’s Diner. We are constantly trying new recipes and methods to create unique Tsitsikamma craft beer flavors.

Tsitsikamma Micro Brewery

Micro Brewery in the Storms River Village

The Tsitsikamma Micro Brewery is a craft brewery in the Storms River Village located between the Tsitsikamma Village Inn and Marilyn’s 60’s Diner. This a one of a kind brewery tap room where new recipes and methods are constantly being tried to create unique Tsitsikamma craft beer flavours that are available on tap.

Beer From the Tsitsikamma Micro Brewery

From grain to glass, only the purest intentions go into making the beer at the Tsitsikamma Micro Brewery. The beer is brewed according to the 1487 German Reinheitsgebot (Purity Law – using only barley, hops and water).  Carefully selected ingredients and water from the owners own well is used in brewing the beer giving that original Tsitsikamma brewery taste. Three beers have been put on tap as of April 24 2015.

Craft Brewery and Tasting Room in Storms River

Visit the brewery and tasting room of the Tsitsikamma Micro Brewery on your next trip to the Storms River. Products from other craft breweries are also showcased here. Most importantly they have an off-sales license! Order you beer within the Village and we will deliver the same day by bicycle.
Alcohol is not for sale to persons under 18.

Our picturesque Brewery Produces 150lt batches of the best ales using pure Tsitsikamma water combined with the best local & imported malt, hops & yeast.

Telephone No. +27 42 281 1711 ext. 267
Town Storms River
Physical Address Darnell Street, Storms River, Tsitsikamma
Country South Africa
State/Province Eastern Cape