Swim with seals in Plettenberg Bay! We all meet at the office, located in the car park area of Central beach, 30 minutes before departure, where we take care of all the nitty gritty paperwork and supply you with all the equipment needed. We depart from central beach, where you step aboard “Robberg Express” for an exciting beach launch. From there we make our way towards Robberg Nature Reserve and Marine Protected Area, home to approximately 6000 Cape Fur Seals.

Here you hop into the water, accompanied by a qualified divemaster, to enjoy 30 minutes of amazing animal interaction among bundles of playful inquisitive fur seals. The ultimate wild animal encounter in their natural environment, without having to alter their behaviour.

In conjunction with Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness and Rehabilitation center – Fur seals pups are completely land based for the first 10-12 weeks, as they need to built strength and learn how to swim first through trial and error. These little guys often get knocked off the rocks by other seals or stormy swell before they are ready, the lucky ones from time to time make   it to beach without drowning but exhausted and mostly dehydrated, Tenikwa gives them medical check-up and re-hydrates them before we reunite them with the colony.They have 50% survival rate if reunited with the colony within 3 days.

We work in affiliation with the Nature Valley Trust on their environmental education programs. We have also received a letter of appreciation from the international foundation of environmental education for our efforts and involvement in environmental education. As part of our community upliftment efforts, we offer an annual internship every year for a youngster from the local community and train them up to a guide or skipper or both.
We also support various reach for dreams initiatives and swimming programs.
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Offshore Adventures have been awarded with the WESSA Blue Flag Status for the third consecutive year. To read more about the Blue Flag programme. We are dedicated in supporting any marine and conservation related research in our area, especially Robberg Nature Reserve and Marine Protected area. We are to accommodate researchers and student in their projects aboard our boats and lend a hand where possible. If this something you are interested in taking part, feel free to contact us. Offshore adventures is proud supporter and committee member of Plett Hope Spot.

We pride ourselves with an excellent safety record, WESSA Blue flag status, with a high standard and code of conduct towards    the environment and animals. We support research and fund seal rehabiliation. At Offshore adventures we give you an incredible opportunity to interact with playful seals, inquisitive Blue and Mako sharks and incredidle schools of sardines in season! We supply you with all the equipment you need! Wetsuits, flippers, snorkels and more! You dont need any experience. We operate all year round, 7days a week. 10h00, 12h00 and 14h00 daily, number and weather dependant. In season we offer a 08h00 and 16h00 trip as well. Special arrangements can be made for big groups. Contact us for further information!Three is never a crowed, but infact the pefect team.​ Jaco Kruger, owner and skipper, a passionate ocean and boating lover. National Sea Rescue Institute coxain and rescue swimmer, no one can be in better hands at sea. Just watch out for his sense of humour 😉 Monica Taylor, PADI Divemaster and Nature Conservationist. With a deep appreciation for what nature has   to offer and great determination to conserve what it left by sustainable resource use and at the same time making others fall in love with it. Currently doing her honours on the feasibility of seals tourism. Nwabisa Biko, our front office lady and all round wonder women, helping and working with a permanent smile. What more do you need…

Swim with Blue & Mako Sharks

Get wet in Plett with a free diving (snorkeling) marines safaris out on the open ocean. The main focus on these excursions   is to find Blue and Mako sharks, believed to be the most beautiful of all sharks species, and spend some time among these majestic animals. Blue sharks is a light-bodied shark averaging at 2-3m in length, mostly lethargic and found worldwide in the surface layers of deep temperate waters. Mako sharks are more robust and slightly bigger, averaging at 3.5m in length.

They are the fastest swimming shark species. Sighting are not limited to these species, other possibles sighting include bronze whalers, sunfish “the mola mola”, bait balls of sardines, common dolphins and an array of pelagic birds including albatross,skuas and petrels.

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