Business Management, Profiling (incl. Presentation) and Consulting – up to 15M Gross ANNUAL turnover

To be effective as Tour Operators, Business Management and Profiling Consultants, one has to have the relevant expertise.  We have in-depth experience in these above three fields needed to service your business. Within the framework of the Go Group, we are the sole proprietors of Truth and Quality South Africa (T&Q SA).  As a division within the group, our strategy is to be able to advise companies on your public profile, utilising a traditional-style Secret Shopper Rating System, specifically designed to connect the dots between Management, Operational Fluency, Presentation and Market Penetration. Some of our methods are as old as modern business, but we have combined and refined different characteristics relating to Business Operation Flow Dynamics, to define problem areas and deal with them through Research, Elimination of key disruption, as well as System Management (Contractor) – if needed.

You may be a small business operator, or a major force in the marketplace, yet the rules of engagement towards operational fluency problems remain the same, but we never lose sight of the unique characteristics within the framework of each business model we evaluate.

Business is only rocket science when you make it rocket science.  The complication in large multi-national industries lies within operating systems incorporated to individually suit the Critical Path Model of each country where business is conducted. For business owners who seek simple solutions to problems they view as complicated, a third-party perspective is exactly what you need, and perhaps some indicators on where to get back to basics, and where not to.

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